Trentino is a region full of history, traditions and culture, in the heart of the Alps, with plenty of castles, churches and museums as well as high quality food and wine products.

Trentino is also a land of mountains and more precisely it is the land of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for their sublime beauty, landscape uniqueness and for their geological and geomorphological characteristics that have no equal in other parts of the world.

West Trentino is also home to the largest protected area in Trentino: the 620.51sq km Adamello Brenta Natural Park, which includes 48 lakes as well as the Adamello glacier, one of the largest in Europe. The park is well-known internationally for the reintroduction of the brown bear and has a wide variety of fauna.

The Region is also bounded by Lake Garda, the largest Italian lake with a Mediterranean climate.


Located centrally with respect to the competition venues for the 2022 World Fishing Championships is Madonna di Campiglio, a renowned ski resort that is the ideal place for a mountain holiday in the summer, with the Brenta Dolomites to the east and the Adamello and Presanella Alps to the west. From here, remaining in west Trentino, between malgas (mountain huts), forts and castles, you reach Lake Idro, a mirror of water surrounded by wooded mountains that border Lombardy.

Five hundred km of waters, include flowing waters and still waters, some are torrential and have freeze-thaw cycles, others are fluvial with a regular flow of water. The fish population of the main river of the area, Sarca and Chiese, includes marble trout, some of large size, native and introduced brown trout, hybrids, grayling and, in several high mountain lakes, chars. The main courses of this rivers, highly accessible from the road, have an almost perfectly natural bed, with a generous capacity, deep holes and a good current. The variety of environments and the creation of specific zones for each fishing technique can meet the needs of every angler. 
With its charming tributaries and unspoilt alpine lakes, the rivers Sarca and Chiese therefore await you for a fantastic day’s fishing.


When Garda Trentino is mentioned, images of Lake Garda, the largest freshwater lake in Italy, are the first things that spring to mind. But behind the name, there’s so much more! There are Lakes Ledro and Tenno, there are the Lakes in Valle dei Laghi, there’s the river Sarca, there are many streams and bays, thronging with enthusiasts who adore practising their favourite sport between the clear blues and lush greens of the landscape.

But what exactly can you fish in Garda Trentino? The main species of fish that populate this area are: trout, chub, bleak, tench, brown trout, the famous, much-sought after marble trout, the barbel, pike and carp.

And in fact Comano has been chosen to host the world and European fly-fishing championships precisely due to the rich variety and abundance of fish in this area. Not to mention the many services created especially to transform every outing into a great source of satisfaction! For instance, the possibility to buy fishing permits on line, the availability of qualified guides ready to reveal the best spots at that moment in time, webcams for keeping a close eye on the water situation and dedicated hospitality.

Can’t wait to cast your line? On our website you’ll find all the information you need to organise and make the most of your day of fishing in Garda Trentino.


The most characteristic element of Val di Sole is water and not by chance the word «sol» in its name goes back to the Celtic goddess of waters, Sulis, considered to be the Great Mother source of life.

The link between the land and the water can be found in every season of the year: sawmills, flour mills, renewable energy, winter and river sports, thermal water springs, water flowing in streams, rivers and waterfalls, water as snow that covers the ski slopes, and water in the form of ice on the Presena glacier.

Val di Sole develops for over 40 km along the course of the Noce, the river classified by National Geographic as one of the top ten in the world for rafting, it also offers anglers stunning views as they enjoy bountiful waters that are well suited to all trout fishing requirements and techniques.

Nestling in the Brenta Dolomites, the Ortles Cevedale Mountain range and Stelvio National Park are lo less than 130 km of torrents, 13 alpine lakes, 3 no-kill fly fishing zones, 2 trophy fishing areas for lures, 2 booking-only no-kill fly fishing reserves, 1 tourist reserve with mature trout stocking and a small sport fishing lake.

During summer, be sure not to miss the guided tour of the Cavizzana Hatchery, managed by the Associazione Sportiva Pescatori Solandri, which breeds the young marble and brown trout that are later released into the waters of the valley.


Val di Non is the widest valley in Trentino: 14 streams, 5 lakes and 30 extremely diverse fishing areas await you where you can practice spinning, fly fishing, tenkara and catch and release.

In Val di Non marble trout, brown trout, lake trout and rainbow trout, as well as the prized Arctic charr, find their ideal environment among gorges and fast waters.

Add to all this local people who are passionate about fishing, and accommodation facilities that are particularly adapted to the requirements of fishermen: your fishing holiday in Val di Non awaits.


The Piana Rotaliana, at the foot of the Paganella massif, offers a remarkable variety of ideal settings for freshwater fishing. In particular, the Noce river, in its last stretch, is a wonderful stream at the bottom of the valley that almost always flows placidly between countryside and protected areas. It offers a charming and heterogeneous setting, going from more turbulent sections to swampy ground studded with water buttercups. Its potholes hide splendid specimens of marble and brown trout, and there are a large number of graylings, even larger ones.

This wide valley floor is also traversed by other fishing watercourses, each with its own special features: noteworthy, for example, is the Avisio with its intact environment characterized by porphyry, as well as the Fossa di Caldaro, valued for its white fish and pike.  To top it off, going a little higher up you can easily reach Lake Molveno, proclaimed as the most beautiful in Italy thanks to its crystalline waters populated by Arctic charr and many other species.



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