7th Masters World Fly Fishing Championship

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The 7th Masters World Fly Fishing Championship is organized by the FIPSAS provincial committee of Trento and will take place in the following fishing sectors: the Sarca river, the Chiese river and the Noce river. Participation is open to official national teams from every country in the world.

Terms of participation

  • Fill out the registration form and send it in by March 31, 2022 complete with all the required information.
  • The partner hotel is the Carlo Magno Hotel SpA Resort in Madonna di Campiglio.
  • Registration must be sent by e-mail to Romina Maier and Cinzia Cominotti Tel. +39 0465 901217 - fishing@campigliodolomiti.it
  • Deadlines: Deadline for registration: 31/03/2022 | Deadline for payment: 31/03/2022
Program 7th World Masters Fly Fishing Championship Programma
Competition rules Competition rules
Fishing sectors - 7th Masters Settori di pesca
Accommodation 7th Master World Fly Fishing Championship

Accommodation 7th Master World Fly Fishing Championship

Participation fees for registered athletes: 7th Master World Fly Fishing Championship in double room: € 1.200,00 in Hotel ****S 
The price valid from 18th to 24th July includes: 6 nights full board with drinks with meals and many other services.

The Carlo Magno Hotel Spa Resort and the Design Oberosler Hotel are waiting you to offer all the comfort you need during your fishing championships.


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Participating teams

Teams Members Nation

Renè Koops - Captain / Reserve

Bram Zanis, Bert Schmidt, Frans Dirks, Robert Van 't Voort


Kanerva Kipela - Captain

Jukka Levanen, Aki Tikkanen, Timo Vataja, Juha Viista, Petri Virolainen


Juan Vert - Captain

Carlos Celigueta, Juan Bautista, Jose Oscar Dìaz, Javier Álvarez, Jordi Fontanals, Jose Antonio Pérez


Mark Youngman  - Manager

Geoff Naylor - Captain

Mark Youngman, Fiona Doherty, Mark Fraser, Gary Rapley, Geoff Naylor


Benoit Dequinze - Captain

Nicola Aguado, Benoit Dequinze, Thierry Hockers, Jacques Lambert, Serge Sabaut


Desfaits Frederic - Manager

Meya Jean - Captain

Avinaud Christian, Desfaits Frederic, Icard Thierry, Meya Jean, Sanchis Jean Michel


Michael Twohig - Captain

Don O Leary, Joe Quinn, John O Connell, Marc Tuckett, Michael Twohig


Bruzzone Nicola - Manager

Ferrari Angelo - Captain

Di Giacomo Armando, Pilotto Marco, Santi Amantini Valerio, Milanesi Lorenzo, Sciaguri Carlo

Lanza Roberto - Reserve


Strotz Claude, Brickler Steve, Schoder Jempy, Charlier Frederic, Lorang Guy


Paul Dewar, Johannes Krill, Peter Scott

New Zealand

Martin Koci, Milan Senkyr, Petr Stanek, Petr Prazak, Jan Wittner

Czech Republic

Mihailescu Fernando, Bedrulea Ioan, Tebrean Nicolae, Moga Luca, Dezeu Ioan


Donald Forbes, Kathleen Shepherd, Jason Henry, Ian Runcie, Gillies Breckenridge


Leo Avdic - Captain

Leo Avdic, Miroslav Legen, Jan Michalko, Henrich Pohronsky, Jozef Durcek


Jure Osolin - Captain / Manager

Danilo Bizal, Marjan Kolar, Bozo Osolin, Sandi Skrabar, Miroslav Zaberl


Linda Gorlei - Manager

Gillies Mcdavid, Fred Le Roux, Terence Babich, Richard Gorlei, Johann Jansen Van Vuuren

South Africa
Rota Marino Sweden

Jerry Arnold - Manager

Pete Erickson - Captain

Mike Sexton, Loren Williams, Bret Bishop, Jeff Currier, Pete Erickson

United States

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